I was very impressed with everyone on your team.  I’m not sure who I talked with on the phone, but she was friendly & professional.  Dan and Todd were excellent, they were working when I came home and they both shut off their machines and got off and came over, introduced themselves, and shook hands with me (very impressive).  They took the time to answer my questions.  You are very fortunate to have all three of these people on your team.  They are fortunate too!  I look forward to doing more business with you.

Thank you very much for a fabulous job.  I can hardly wait for spring to start planting trees, shrubs & flowers along my new wall.
– Fred & Linda L. (Project Installed 10/28/14-10/31/14)

I want to say everyone is very helpful.  Everyone was very nice & seemed to really like their work.  We were gone all day to the doctor, and didn’t get to see much of the crew, but they were all so nice & we loved the finished work.
– Helen K. (Project Installed 10/24/14)

I enjoyed watching the crew work and visitng with them about the project.  You have a friendly crew!
– Rick & Carol P. (Project Installed 10/20/14-10/22/14)

A wonderful group to work for me.
– Pauline W. (Project Installed 10/17/14)

Very pleased with all parts of business.
– Harold M. (Project Installed 10/9/14)

I love the work and your crew was awesome!!  Thank You!!  Thank You!!  Thank You!!
– Walt & Danelle F. (Project Installed 10/9/14)

I loved working with your company.  I’ve found it very rare for contractors to do what they say they will do, when they say they will & for the price quoted.  You guys did all of that and were friendly & courteous to work with.  A+!!!!
– Mike & Jean F. (Project Installed 10/8/14)

Crews were fantastic.  Very professional and courteous.  Hard working.
– Richard & Maureen B. (Project Installed 10/6/14-10/7/14)

The detailed communication for us is very helpful as we are completely new at all of this & weren’t sure what to expect.  Thank You!  Thank you so much for your patience with all our questions!!!!  We’re pretty sure we made this harder on you guys than we ever intended, but we really do appreciate your patience and professionalism in helping us through this process!!! We love what you’ve done and are very grateful!!!
– Chris & Renee R. (Project Installed 10/6/14)

Thank you for the great job you did on our patio project.  We couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out.  From the beginning of the project to the very end, things were done thoroughly and so professionally.  All questions were answered and schedules were kept.  We especially appreciate everything was done done and cleaned up when the fellows left.  It was a pleasure to do business with you and your crew.
– Roger & Rep. Sally S. (Project Installed 9/25/14-10/2/14)

We are very happy with the work that has been done and hope to do more next year.  Thanks for your promptness in our request for the extra work.
– Rallon & Carol M. (Project Installed 9/11/14-9/16/14 & 9/19/14)

Great Job!  I personally absolutely loved the fact that when you completed the project it look like you had never been here because the crew did such a great job cleaning up!
– Jeff & Shannon F. (Project Installed 9/5/14)

Thank everyone involved in our project.  We are happy 🙂
– Mike & Maria R. (Project Installed 8/25/14-8/27/14)

We were so amazed at the quality of the workers you employ – top notch people.  Very, very happy with the end result.  We wish we would have done this sooner.

I really appreciate that you are honoring your quotes but if the customer changes specs on you – you can’t be expected to do it for the same price.  You shouldn’t get stuck with that expense.  Don’t short yourself.

I know how hard it is to hire good employees but were so impressed by you and the quality of your employees.  They worked equally hard if you were on the job site or not.  We are extremely happy and should have done this sooner.
– Gary & Deb B. (Project Installed 8/12/14-9/4/14)

Thank you, we really like the look of our new garden area.  It does a beautiful job hiding the unsightly septic chimney.  Please feel free to photo & share with other needing similar.
– Mike & Lisa B. (Project Installed 8/21/14)

We have really enjoyed the results of your work.
– Mike & Judy S. (Project Installed 8/21/14)

Thanks for adding beauty to our backyard.  I’ve had lots of compliments.
– John & Jennifer R. (Project Installed 8/19/14)

I love the landscaping.  No more worries about mowing that hill.
– Linda S. (Project Installed 8/11/14)

Thanks so much, we love our landscaping.
– Eric & Ashley H. (Project Installed 8/11/14)

I know you can see, I am very satifisfied with it all.  It looks very nice.  It impressed me too, how quickly they got the job completed in very good fashion too.
– Vicki B. (Project Installed 7/10/14)

I honestly don’t know where to begin.  To say I am pleased, just doesn’t express how thrilled I am with the landscaping.  You truly are gifted and I would say one of Iowa’s gems.  Your crew was very polite, hardworking, and professional.  Their attention to detail cetainly met and exceeded my expectations.  I am so happy my sister and I found your website and look forward to be being a long time customer.
– Carol B. (Project Installed 6/24/14)

We appreciated your computer design work ahead of time so we could envision what it would look like after completion.  Dan was a great crew leader, great attitude & took the time to talk to us when we were home in the morning & evening.  I like how organized the tools were – shows you care about your equipment.  Selena REALLY appreciated the work coming in under the quote!  We both love the patio and want to discuss tree/shrub planting for this fall.
– Kurt & Selena L. (Project Installed 6/6/14-7/7/14)

WOW!!!  The landscaping looks amazing!  I LOVE IT!!!  VERY IMPRESSED! I happened to be here today as your crew came and worked.  They were top-notch!  They worked hard all day…rain and sweltering heat.  They cleaned up superbly.  They were very approachable and knowledgeable.  I can’t wait to do the other side!!!  Thank you all!!!
– Todd & Brooke V. (Project Installed 6/18/14)

Great Job!!
– Jim & Valerie W. (Project Installed 6/16/14)

Your service is friendly and always exceeds my expectations.  I can pick out lawns around the town that you have done work at because they look great!!
Andy & Melissa F. (Project Installed 6/13/14)

I appreciate how everyone pays attention to detail and promptness – Thank you
Reynolds R. (Project Installed 6/4/14)

Turned a mess into a lawn & garden of beauty.  Thanks for a beautiful lawn & landscaping.  We are so happy
Drs Steve & Mary W. (Project Installed 5/30/14)

Egli Landscapes – you have a prize employee with Dan Wolf.  He knows his stuff like you and goes about things quickly – not wasting time.
– Carl & Maribelle L. (Project Installed 5/29/14)

100_8655Trust, professionalism and service after the sale are appreciated.  Warranty, no questions asked, or excused is also appreciated.  – Andy & Kathy O. (Trees Installed May 2013, Pond Wall Installed October 2013, & Additional Trees Installed April 2014)



I am very pleased with the professional service and will look for opportunities for additional service with C1st – – C1st. Maintenance (5/14)

W100_9554e are learning that our projects needs to be done in multiple phases.  Tim was great at explaining all the details of project & timing.  We called with a short notice request & Tim was VERY responsive & willing to offer suggestions and help.  Anxious to see completed project -> In the spring!!!

– Craig & Jane K. (Retaining Wall Installed 11/26/13), Landscape, Paver Patio, Firepit, Steps, Additional Retaining Wall, Planter Boxes Installed April 2014



You were very communicative with the process and patient with any concerns or hesitations that I brought forth.  Your employees were very helpful and respectful at all times.  It is such a pleasure to work with a local small business (although it’s obvious your going to grow!) (nice pun too!). Love it everyday!  Already had a couple of fires in pit!!  Let’s get together again to rediscuss landscaping.  We will be glad to refer any new business to you! Thanks again! And can’t wait for spring to get out there and enjoy it!
– Scott & Tori L. (Project Installed 5/29/14) – Landscape Installed 11/15/13, Paver Patio, Firepit, Seat Walls & Steps Installed 10/8/13

I appreciate how the entire project flows even though done at different times!  Everything is great- Having a son that also owns a business – I can appreciate doing business with Tim and the crew!
– Randy & Eileen E. Landscape (Installed 10/14/13)

We appreciate you and your crew.  Very beautiful and attractive flower bed.  And thanks for getting it finished so quickly.  We will call you for our next project
– Wasau Homes (Installed 8/6/13)

We LOVE the patio & landscaping.  Your crew was excellent to work with.  So polite & willing to do what we wanted
– Chuck & Linda A (Installed 7/15/13)

IMG_0009-20131107-160313Great work at a fair price.  And to be honest, just finding a company, that does what they say, not promising everything and not delivering.  It is so much better to just be honest and say, this is what will happen, than promise everything and deliver only on part of that.   In your project, I also appreciated the fact that there was not more money due at the end, and you came in some under budget.  Again, I would so much rather have it that way, then saying this is your quote, but then the company coming back with, well, we didn’t anticipate this so it will be more.  I like that you said, it will not go over this set price.  I also appreciate an itemization of costs, labor, plants, etc….etc…..  The last company I purchased from billed me one lump sum with no breakdown, and it was more than anticipated, and less work done than anticipated……but what can you say when it is lump sum, no break down to even understand.

So  I guess I would say…..just plain old doing what you say you will for the price you say you will do it for.  That is so huge to me!!  And good communication the whole way through is also great.  And to be honest, your company stood out to us from the start, and you didn’t disappoint in any way.  You did what you said at a price you said and communicated well through the whole thing.  I think you have great ideas there.  I like the bringing families together idea as well.  And that is no joke…….the kids were more excited to have their friends over to hang out here at the house after we got our project finished……….and be here in the evenings instead of somewhere else……it is a huge blessing to the family atmosphere.
– Burge & Beth H. (Project Installed 6/17/13-7/3/13)

We have already recommended you to some friends.  Feel free to tell people they could stop and look.
– Mike & Judy S (Landscape Installed 6/17/13)

We are very pleased with the end result of our project and especially appreciated your employees workmanship approach to their task at hand.  Thank you very much
– Bob & Peggy H. (Hardscape Installed 6/11/13)

Thank you for the good quality work and care.  I like your e-mail notices & information on your schedules!!
– Rich & Joann S (seasonal maintenance)

You guys “rock”
– Susie Stalder – F&M Telephone (Landscape Installed 5/30/13)

We were very impressed with the efficiency of the installers.  They all worked hard.  It was great to get it done before the rain – this must be a real challenge for you.
– Larry & Carolyn B. (Landscape Installed 5/24/13)

We would be happy to have others look at our bushes/trees if you’d like references.
– Royce & Carla L (Landscape & Trees Installed 5/13/13)

I wanted to take a minute to say I have enjoyed working with Egli Landscapes.  My first project was done in fall of 2011 as a patio project.  Tim was very easy to work with in coming up with ideas and showing me at his business the plants that he was considering for my project.  Seeing them first hand helped me a lot in knowing if I would truly like his suggestions.  I really thought he had a knack for knowing what I really liked.  Tim was very thorough in going over cost estimates, putting it on paper for me and giving me time tables of when the project would start and how long it would take.  At the last minute I called Tim explaining my father had passed away and I had received some gifts that I wanted to incorporate into my landscaping project.  He right away indicated to me it would not be a problem and would work nicely.  Once the crew got on site I was very impressed by their work ethic and how particular they were in picking up after themselves each night and at the end of the project.  They were also very approachable to hear my questions and get them answered.  They are very professional in what they do and I really value that.  In the spring of 2012 I had an existing retaining wall give away.  Of course who did I call but the crew that I had trusted from before and appreciated their attention to detail-Egli Landscapes.  I found Tim very dependable to look at the project, give suggestions and to write me a quote.  This time I had to give Tim a deadline before my son’s high school graduation party.  He said they could meet that deadline as he would be starting another crew the first of May.  GREAT!!  I really like these guys.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature brought a tornado to Tim’s business & personal property.  I thought this was awful timing but could not be helped and my son’s party would be fine without this wall fixed.  I didn’t need to worry about this wall considering the damage Tim and others in his area were dealing with.  But Tim and his crew had given me their word that this would be done before my son’s graduation party and they made sure that it was.  Our family received many compliments the day of the party on the quality job that had been done on the wall.  THANK YOU Egli Landscapes!!  Tim – you and your crews are dependable-professional people.
– Cindy A. (Project Installed 5/14/12 & 5/15/12)

Thanks so much for your work!!  We knew it would look great, but you definitely exceeded all of our expectations.  Dan & his crew were outstanding!!  We could not be more pleased.  Best to you!!  It looks amazing.
– Scott & Becky K. (Project Installed 7/9/12-7/10/12)

Everything was great!  Look forward to finishing the project this coming fall/spring!
– Randy & Eileen E. (Project Installed 6/28/12-6/29/12)

Everthing was awesome!  We appreciated the prompt service & have received many compliments.  *We wish you the best as you recover from the tornado damage.
– Harold & Sherry D. (Project Installed 4/12/12 & 4/30/12)

You did a great job!!  We have a ton of compliments.
– Josh & Joy S. (Project Installed 6/1/12)

I already love it!  We just saw some of your work at M****, wonderful job – so very nice!  Nice job – need rain 🙂
– Jane & Kent D. (Project Installed 5/29-6/1, 6/7, 6/8, 6/11)

This is better than even my dreams!  Can’t thank you enough.  Wish you could have witnessed the complete awe on my face when I saw the waterfall working.  You and your crew are miracle workers!  My sincere thanks.
– Marty & Judy M. (Project Installed 6/12-6/25)

Thanks Tim!  Love the tree!
– Matt M. (Tree Planted in April 2012)

Was Just Right!
– Duke & Cid (Project Installed March-April 2012)

I love it! That side of the house looks so much better.
Thank you,
– John & Jerry S.

Egli Landscapes,
THANK YOU so much for the AWESOME work that you did for us at the Wayland Museum!
– Wayland Museum

Thank you! A very good job! We are well pleased.
– Gary V.

“Thanks” I’m very pleased – looks good – I like the hydrangeas!
– Joan D.

Thanks Tim, we have had a lot of comments on how good it looks.
– Gary & Sally A.

Thanks so much!
– Lee P. J

To: Egli Landscapes-
Thanks very much for all your help and work.  We like it!!  Everyone else did too- We had a great party!!
Thanks again:
– Rosemary & Gerald P.

Thank you!  For a job well done.
– Clarence & Dorothy W.

Thanks Tim- It looks great- even better than I expected.
Thanks again,
– Dave T.

Thanks Tim for everything.  You are a very good person to do the job.
– Lotis W.

Dear Tim,
. … Thank you very much for fitting it in before the 4th of July.  We have had a ton of compliments on it and we love it….Thanks!!
– Jason H.

Thanks, from a very satisfied customer.
– Wendell K.

– Lynn B.

You did a great Job!
It is very beautifully done.  We are very pleased.  Have had many great comments!
– Ralph and Cherry S.

We have sold this place but still want you to come for spring maintenance.  I just talked to the people that bought it & told them that you planned on being there, and they still want you to come.  I will give them the papers you sent to us.  Thanks for being a great landscaper!
– Peachy

Thanks for the great design and prompt construction. We love it.
– Kurt M.

Thanks a bunch for doing such a great job!  We are really enjoying it and have had a lot of interested lookers!
– Dort R.

Thanks.  It looks great!  See you in the spring.
– Jean C.

Thanks for an interesting design and a professional installation.  We also appreciate the Japanese Maple that you have given us and we will definitely appreciate it.  Please feel free to give us as a reference if you ever feel the need.
Thanks again,
– Don and Kathy W.

Thank-you for the wonderful job on our landscaping.  It looks great and we love it!
– Dan W.

Thank you so much!  It all looks amazing – we have gotten so many compliments.  I love the way it made the front of the house look, very put together & well thought out.
Thanks again,
– Kelly C.

Thank you so very much.  I love the landscaping! It is absolutely beautiful.  Put us on your list for maintenance if you would.
Thank you again,
– Jerry S.

Tim – Thanks so much for our patio – it looks great!  You and your crew were fantastic & the quality of all your work deserves a little bonus…
– Jim H.

You did another great job.  I’m very pleased!
– Dave T.

The landscaping looks great.  I’d like to get on your schedule for next year to do the sides.
– Lisa L.

Thanks so much for your hard work, dedication and ingenuity during our recent project.  We as a family love our new outdoor space & we’ve received many good comments on it as well.
We appreciated your desire to make this a good looking, different project & you succeeded in every sense…..I am sure we will keep you busy in the future
– Keith & Jenn K.

I just wanted to thank you again – everything looks great.  I have had several compliments.  Give you all the credit.
I appreciate your attention to detail & work ethic….
– Jenn K.

Tim – the guys just finished and everything looks great…seriously, I forgot how well this place cleans up.
I thanked them but please pass on my appreciation again… it means more when the boss knows, too.
Thanks so much…I look forward to the garage project… whenever you get around to it (no pressure implied or intended).
You guys are the best!
– Jenn K.

Thanks Tim-
Looks great as always!  You guys in green are the best!
– Jenn K.

The landscaping you did on the City sign is awesome.  Thank you so much for thinking of “sprucing” it up.  It is very much appreciated.
With Delight,
– Beverly C.
City Clerk on behalf of the City of Wayland.

Thanks you so much for the wonderful job you did on our landscaping.  We cannot tell you how much we enjoy it.  It perfectly matches our house, needs and what we enjoy.  Now we cannot wait for the other side to be completed and the bubbling rock, of course!
– Ryan and Laura R.

Perfect Job!  Please put us on your yearly schedule for mid June.  (Until you see a “for sale sign in the front yardJ).  Hopefully that will be many years from now.
– Martha W.

Tim – everything looks wonderful.  The rain last night really helped.  Your workers were wonderful.  Everything is in order – you can’t tell anyone was here except for the new landscaping!  Thanks again for a wonderful job, and if you need references, please add us to your list.
– Sue & Steve A.

Thanks for a beautiful front yard – my landscaping looks amazing!!
– Stacie B.

Thank you for the great job!!  Your crew was great – They have already been treated, but put the extra here in a power-ade & doughnut fund!!!
– Jo & Rich S.

Great! Great job!
– Dennis & Alice F.