Do You Enjoy Working Outdoors and Using Your Hands?

Yeah, we thought so!

We do too!

At Egli Landscapes, Inc. – we work with creative people who enjoy the outdoors, just like you. In fact, many of our employees had never had any landscaping experience before they joined our team, which is OK, because we are known for our on-the-job training!

In fact, you’re probably the type of person who appreciates the following values:

Cross-training and leadership building

A team culture like no other in SE Iowa. In fact, our customers tell us how impressed they are with our processes and team camaraderie

Working hard in an environment where everyone looks forward to learning, laughing, and making good money every day

Being outdoors in all types of weather making SE Iowa one of the most beautiful locations to live in the country

Using your hands, mind, and really cool machinery designed to make the processes easier and safer

Justin, one of our Designer/Sales experts says:

“What I like about being here is the professionalism and processes put in place. . . I also appreciate the people here and knowing our role in the process. Organization (tidiness), forward thinking, and the established processes are just a few of things I appreciate

A Very Different Type of “Experience Required.”

The team members at Egli Landscapes are a cut above the rest (and we think you are too). That’s why you’ve read this far!

What we look for is:

1) Minimum 5 years experience overcoming challenges.

2) Share with us one great story of how you helped someone else succeed.

3) Have a strong love of the great Iowa outdoors and want to work in hot days, very cold days, rainy days and beautiful days EVERYDAY.

4) Demonstrate an insatiable energy to learn and be challenged.

5). We are the best at what we do and are only prepared to invest in the best people.

6). A valid license, clean driving history and being insurable are required. We’d prefer you have a CDL or at least a willingness to get one.


Yeah. That’s about it. Seriously, we can teach you the rest.

Jessica, our Office Manager says:

I feel with Egli Landscapes I have found my career! I am excited to come to work every day because the environment that has been built here! I can honestly say, oh trust me I say to whom ever will listen, that I love my job. I love the company I work for. “

How Advancement Works at Egli Landscapes

We believe everyone has the opportunity for advancement based upon the demonstration of the following learned skills.

Andy, one of our Designer/Sales experts says:

“Working for Egli Landscapes is being part of a TEAM. Everyone has a job/task to do based on their own strengths, ability, and passion. I appreciate the fact that everyone is encouraged to work together with one common goal in mind…to create the best experience for our clients while creating, building, and maintaining projects that are second to none!”

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