Honing our craft over the past ten years, we at Egli Landscapes understand the importance of a professionally designed, installed, and maintained landscape. The benefits of landscape renovation abound, and its value only grows with time.

Our custom designs will enhance your property value, beautify your neighborhood, and provide your family and friends a picturesque place to relax outdoors. Surveys have shown that a well-maintained landscape can add 15% to the selling price of a home and that recovery is from 100% to 200% for landscape improvements.

Egli Landscapes has a reputation for “immediate impact landscapes.” Combining large plant material with the smaller touches, we will instantly transform your property. You can count on us for the highest quality materials and expert installation your property deserves.

Sourced locally, most of our tree selection comes from right here in Southeast Iowa and the surrounding area.

Professionally grown, our shrubs and perennials come from highly reputable nurseries across the country.

Dynamic and expansive, our plant selection is continually growing and is sure to include the perfect materials for your property.

Call us today to discover your landscape’s full potential through our custom, expertly installed designs.