We get excited by each new project we work on, and we always do all that we can to ensure that each is a lasting success. That’s why we offer landscape maintenance services throughout the growing season.

Most landscapes need attention at least once a year, but there are important tasks to be done in spring, summer, and fall.

Throughout each season, count on Egli Landscapes for your maintenance needs. Call us today to hear more about what we offer and learn how we can make this year your most worry-free one yet.


Seasonal Landscape Services

As the weather warms, it is important to monitor how your plantings “wake up” from dormancy and enter the growing season. Winter can be very stressful on plant materials, and spring offers the perfect time to assess your landscape and identify any areas that could use improvement or repair.
With the growing season in full swing, summer is a good time look for damage caused by heat, dry conditions, and increased traffic by both humans and animal life. We can help prevent damage to your investment and fix any problems that may crop up.
This time of year is all about clean up. With leaves and other debris filling up your landscape, we’ll collect all unwanted materials and make sure your property is ready for winter.