Exterior lighting can be a very desirable add-on to any landscape design, and Egli Landscapes has the knowledge to put together a spectacular and pleasing lighting scheme for your property.

We can make your home the nighttime star of the neighborhood with a tastefully lit outdoor space. Exterior landscape lighting makes your great outdoors safer for pedestrians and more secure from unwanted visitors. It can light paths to help guests reach your door safely and eliminate shadows where an intruder might hide.

We can design a lighting plan that uses various types of lights – wash lights, bullets, path or spread lights, or well lights – where each will effectively contribute to an overall pleasing scheme without creating an overly lighted effect.

Installation is not disruptive to existing landscapes, and most light fixtures can be tucked out of plain view. Because we use low voltage LEDs, your electric bill won’t skyrocket, and you’ll be even happier with the investment.

Give Egli Landscapes a call today to discover how outdoor LED lighting can transform your nighttime landscape.