Hear what our clients have to say

The project proposal was clearly itemized and easy to understand. The rendering was helpful to picture the final look. Everyone who worked on our project was efficient and so nice. It was a joy to have the crew here-whoever it was-everyday!

-Dave & Pat

Thank you for being trustworthy. We rely on you each time, very comfortably!

Luis & Michelle

We have already recommended you to some friends.  Feel free to tell people they could stop and look.

– Mike & Judy 


We are learning that our projects needs to be done in multiple phases. Tim was great at explaining all the details of project & timing. We called with a short notice request & Tim was VERY responsive & willing to offer suggestions and help. Anxious to see completed project -> In the spring!!

– Craig & Jane

You were very communicative with the process and patient with any concerns or hesitations that I brought forth.  Your employees were very helpful and respectful at all times.  It is such a pleasure to work with a local small business (although it’s obvious your going to grow!) (nice pun too!). Love it everyday!  Already had a couple of fires in pit!!  Let’s get together again to re-discuss landscaping.  We will be glad to refer any new business to you! Thanks again! And can’t wait for spring to get out there and enjoy it!

– Scott & Tori  

Great work at a fair price.  And to be honest, just finding a company, that does what they say, not promising everything and not delivering.  It is so much better to just be honest and say, this is what will happen, than promise everything and deliver only on part of that.   In your project, I also appreciated the fact that there was not more money due at the end, and you came in some under budget.  Again, I would so much rather have it that way, then saying this is your quote, but then the company coming back with, well, we didn’t anticipate this so it will be more.  I like that you said, it will not go over this set price.  I also appreciate an itemization of costs, labor, plants, etc….etc…..  The last company I purchased from billed me one lump sum with no breakdown, and it was more than anticipated, and less work done than anticipated……but what can you say when it is lump sum, no break down to even understand.

So  I guess I would say…..just plain old doing what you say you will for the price you say you will do it for.  That is so huge to me!!  And good communication the whole way through is also great.  And to be honest, your company stood out to us from the start, and you didn’t disappoint in any way.  You did what you said at a price you said and communicated well through the whole thing.  I think you have great ideas there.  I like the bringing families together idea as well.  And that is no joke…….the kids were more excited to have their friends over to hang out here at the house after we got our project finished……….and be here in the evenings instead of somewhere else……it is a huge blessing to the family atmosphere.

– Burge & Beth